Statewide Contractor Reporting Dashboard

Statewide Contractor Reporting Dashboard

Welcome to the Statewide Contract Reporting System! The system allows statewide contractors to:
  • Upload mandatory offline sales reports (for actual sales, or to report no offline sales) for orders received that are not processed through TxSmartBuy.
  • View the online TxSmartBuy purchase order information.
  • View summary reports that show total TXMAS fees and TxSmartBuy administrative fees for offline and TxSmartBuy purchase orders.
  • Please click on the menu links below for more information on each menu item. If you have any additional questions please access the Help link in the top right hand corner.

    Offline Sales Reporting

    Download Contractor Sales Report Template

    View Sales Reports

    Offline Reports

    Non-Compliance Report
    Contractor Activity Report
    Offline Sales Report (Snapshot)
    Offline Sales Report (History)
    Offline Sales Finance Report

    TxSmartBuy Reports

    Online Sales Report (Snapshot)
    Search and View Online Purchase Orders

    Combined Reports

    View Contractor Sales Summary Information Report